As a board, we have decided to spend a great deal more time and effort on communication. We know and understand that we, as a board, represent all shareholders, and are committed to transparency on all of the matters that we deal with, and the way in which we deal with them.

We do think it’s important that communication is open and accessible to all, that conversations are not dominated by a few at the expense of the many, and that any communication is undertaken in a manner that is measured and respectful.

Here are some of the initiatives we have planned – some exist already, and we hope to refine them, and some are new.

We look forward to your feedback, which may be directed to: .

Wildlife [photo]

Board email address:

  • Shareholders are welcome to contact specific board members should they wish to do so, but equally we would encourage shareholders to use the Jejane Board email address: .
  • We undertake to respond to all communication as quickly as possible.

Office emails:

The office email addresses are as follows:

  • Sam:
  • Francois:
  • Glen:

Jejane media:

  • The email address for all communication with regard to our social media and internet presence is .
  • Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are administered by Daimen van Blerk (20) and Jean Michau (16).
  • Our Facebook page is administered by Jim Thomson (17), Daimen van Blerk (20) and Jean Michau (16).
  • An official WhatsApp group “Jejane News & Sightings” will is being established for the farm management. This will in no way infringe on the existing private initiative WhatsApp groups.
  • As is customary, we will be publishing guidelines for the use of all these media, both to protect the interests of the farm, and the individuals who use it. These guidelines will be in line with international and local norms of usage, and spell out the tones, language and content that will be encouraged, and that which will be moderated.

We look forward to greater engagement between shareholders in this wonderful community that we have created.