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February Photographic Categories now OPEN

SelfieThe competition categories for February are:

"The African King"



Voting for February submissions will open on 1 March, and will be open to the general public... so be sure to submit your entries before then!

Voting is open for January submissions until 28 February. Please view and vote for your favorites here:

Rain Message From Manager

Good morning All


Mary contacted me yesterday to get an update on the farm conditions following the heavy rainfall experienced over major parts of the country, including the Lowveld. By yesterday afternoon there was little to report on other than we had had really good rainfall since last Sunday, averaging 91mm. Roads had been damaged by excess run off, but the drainage lines had not run at all. This morning however, things had changed.


We had a further 85mm fall at the bush camp last night, possibly more elsewhere. The Mohlabetsi river bed is in flood making it impossible to cross i.e. Francois couldn’t get to work this morning. Nyala has had no electricity for three days and electricians are now unable to access the property to correct the fault. The Olifants river is just meters from flowing over the bridge on the road to Phalaborwa. Our roads have been severely damaged and I have stopped all contractors from entering the reserve. Rainwater has permeated through the walls and flooded the managers house.


Prior to last night’s down pour, our average rainfall for the season had exceeded our long term average and was sitting at 496,3mm for the season thus far. Following last night’s rainfall we are currently sitting closer to 600mm for the season, with forecasts of more rain to come.


Kind regards



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