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Bull Elephants on Jejane

Young Elephant Bulls on Jejane: (Photo by Francois Oberholzer)Young Elephant Bulls on Jejane: (Photo by Francois Oberholzer)We currently have 2 young bull elephants resident on the reserve. Whilst other than some minor head-shaking and trumpeting there have been no reports of serious threat from the pair – yet! They are still fairly young and will not come into “musth” until they are at least 25 years old. “Aftand” was older than 25 years of age and he had demonstrated his “musth” condition whilst resident on the farm.

Fortunately there were no receptive females present at the same time and he headed back to the Klaserie and Kruger Park where “the grass was greener” for mature elephant bulls.

When elephant bulls are in “musth” they are extremely dangerous and should always be given a very
wide berth. In any event it is extremely foolhardy to intrude into their so called “comfort zone”.

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