Elephant calf saved from drowning by mother - captured on video by Mariaan de Klerk

Mariaan and Juan de Klerk (former Site 43) witnessed an incredible sight in the Kruger Park wen a small elephant got into distress in a deep rock pool and was rescued by the mother elephant. An incredible example of the dedication of animal mothers - pity some homosapiens mothers don't display the same tendencies.

Please have a look - it is really interesting and a wonderful experience to have witnessed.

See video

Elephant saves calf from drowning - Mariaan de Klerks's video

You will be delighted to know that Mariaan won the 50/50 competition (and a brand new Toyota Hilux) with her incredible video of the elephant mother saving her calf from drowning. Congratulations Mariaan from all of us - well done!!

The message - keep a sharp eye open for the miracles of the bush and make sure that you have your camera with you - then send your photograph and report in to Jim for Jejane Khaluma!!

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