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Rain in Hoedspruit

Below are two photographs from Shannon Thomson, which you may find interesting.


The access road from town to the farm has been washed away in areas. The road is not usable at present. Access to the Residential area is not possible due to flooded roads. We have received reports that the road from the Strydom tunnel is closed and the Blyde River is expected to overflow the bridge. The road from Phalaborwa is closed as the Olifants River is in flood.


The rain is reported to be worse than that of the  cyclone Demoina rains which fell in the area in 1984. Some will recall the wall of Demonia Dam was broken during this rain. Some 240mm of rain has fallen since Monday.


Shareholder houses will be checked for damage. The Board will keep you updated of the situation.





For and on behalf of

Jejane Private Nature Reserve

Shannon sent in the following photograph of the access road at Joubert Drift i.e. just before it joins the N1. Fence down on the left. This is looking up toward Sindyane Bushcamp. Francois was cut off between rivers last night and spent the night in the hangar at the landing strip. All roads into Hoedspruit have been cut off. I believe that the river running through Khomogelo shopping centre has also broken its banks. I hear that the area has been declared a disaster area at present – unconfirmed. The road from Strydom Tunnel has been closed. The access road to the farm and Olifants is also cut off.

 Rain Jan 2012Rain: 18 January 2012


This is the Eastgate Airport road.

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