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Frank Douwes

Vienna Archive - Frank Douwes Bird ringing

Frank Douwes in his element - ringing birds, surrounded by children and teaching the older children the skills of ringing and passing on his love of the bush and birding. The youngster being taught in the photograph is Johann Griffioen - a parent himself today and still a staunch member of the Jejane family. You may be able to identify the other children in the photograph.

Vienna Archive - Frank Douwes Bird ringing

Vienna Archive - Frank Douwes Bird ringing

The late Frank Douwes, an enthusiastic bird ringer of renown set up a registered bird ringing station under the auspices of the University of Cape Town Ornithological Research Unit. Shareholders were constantly amazed at the gentleness displayed by this rough tough man when he was extricating a minute blue waxbill from the mist nets for ringing. He loved children and shared his knowledge of the birds and the ringing process and was always surrounded by onlookers. Perhaps you will recognise some of the children in the picture. Many of them are still associated with Jejane and have children of their own.

Vienna Archive - Frank Douwes Bird ringing
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