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Vienna Archive - Manager Steve Rademeyer

Steve Rademeyer (facing on the left), an ex Merchant Navy sailor and one time professional boxer ( and quite a character) was employed as a manager to replace the part timer, Willie Boschoff. Steve's focus was infrastructure (he knew nothing of the environment and conservation) - he supervised the erection of the western boundary bonnox fence, the stone bridge at Kudu Trough,and the trenching and laying of the steel piping for the water reticulation. Steve's Pan owes its name to Steve Rademeyer. He felt sorry for the game whilst he was laying the water pipeline from borehole #6 and surreptitiously fabricated a leak in the pipeline to create a small pan for the animals - the forerunner to the beautiful pan and hide that exists today. Steve suffered a heart attack as he left the farm and into retirement. His ashes are scattered at the magnificent leadwood along river road which carries his name to this day as Steve's Tree.

Vienna Archive - Manager Steve Rademeyer

Vienna Archive - manager Willie Boschoff

Pictured here is the first manager on Vienna, Willie Boschoff,  a former Selous Scout from Rhodesia. He looked after the farm in return for accommodation and access to the farm to run survival courses. Willie was an imaculate dresser and a fitness fanatic. For instance he did not have transport initially and ran all the way from the Bushcamp, where he occupied what is now the office,to fill the diesel tank on the Lister pump at Kudu Trough in the North with a 10 gallon container full of diesel balanced on his shoulders as he ran. Many of the present authorised users were youngsters who participated in Willie's survival courses - a few that come to mind were Sven Ploger and Charl and Johann Griffioen. They slept under the stars in a river bed in the North and lived off the veld - grasshoppers and that ilk!

Vienna Archive - manager Willie Boschoff
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