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The farm is open to shareholders!

Although the farm is open, certain roads will continue to remain closed and will be for some time to come. The field staff will continue to repair fences, and are unavailable to undertake road repairs at this stage. Please be aware of the following concerning the roads:

  • Closed roads will be clearly marked with red and white danger tape.
  • You are urged not to ignore the danger tape barriers closing the roads.
  • Some of the roads that remain open are in a bad state which makes for uncomfortable driving.
  • Nearly all of the roads will be blocked off at some stage or another, either to do repairs or to re-design/re-site if necessary.
  • Be aware that there are certain roads linking up specific routes that are closed, requiring that you back track in the direction you came from.

Progress report: On the 8'th February 2012 work began on the opening up of Roller-coaster dip and Steve’s pan crossing (contingent on water levels). The finishing touches are to be completed at Henshaws Dam.

Thank You: The Board, Glen and his team thank you one and all for your understanding and patience. Your ongoing support is deeply appreciated. Glen and his team have made tremendous progress and we congratulate and thank them sincerely for all their hard work.


Henshaw's dam wall repair


Flood repairs

I am pleased to announce that early progress has been made thanks to the generous donation made by Gerrie, Johan and Charl Griffioen, having sent up an articulated loader to undertake some of the larger repair work. The 14 ton machine works at an unbelievable rate and in only two days has removed a large part of Demoina dam wall and stock piled it for later use and has constructed a ramp out each end for the tipper truck to gain access for loading. The loader has also completely filled and compacted the breach in Henshaw’s dam wall. We will still use our smaller (more delicate) equipment to smoothen out the edges and to do the final surface preparation. Between the tipper truck, the loader and the tractors, I imagine that we should be able to continue making good progress.

Rain update

The rain seems to have stopped for now. Reports received this morning from the Hoedspruit area are of blue skies and sunshine. This break in the weather is allowing Glen to assess more fully the damage and to determine absolute priorities such as re-erecting fences to prevent loss of game and prevent breaches of security. Glen has indicated that one of the main priorities will be to restore the access road. The damage to the farm is massive and most roads are still impassable.


Rain update

Sadly, the rain from Cyclone Dando has caused extensive damage. Reports received this afternoon are that the dam walls of Demonia and Henshaws have been broken through due to the enormous amount of rain.



Early this afternoon Glen reported:


Hoedspruit is wet!

RAIN! RAIN! RAIN!...........and more RAIN!

It has been raining heavily in the Hoedspruit area since early yesterday, and it is still raining. Reports from Hoedspruit and the farm are of flooded roads and houses. Henshaws Dam is overflowing,  the Mohlabetsi River is in  flood, and  roads have become  rivers.


Regrettably, the farm is CLOSED until further notice. The access road from town has been washed away in places, and is inaccessible. Repairs to the road will be effected as soon as the rain stops.



Rain in Hoedspruit

Below are two photographs from Shannon Thomson, which you may find interesting.


The access road from town to the farm has been washed away in areas. The road is not usable at present. Access to the Residential area is not possible due to flooded roads. We have received reports that the road from the Strydom tunnel is closed and the Blyde River is expected to overflow the bridge. The road from Phalaborwa is closed as the Olifants River is in flood.

Rain Jan 2012

Rain Jan 2012

Rain Jan 2012

Rain Jan 2012
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