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Jonathan Leeming"Busy weekend.

5 year old girl stung by male Opistophthalmus glabrifrons in Warmbaths on Saturday evening. Not serious but it caused a lot of worry (and speeding ride to Unitas hospital) after everyone thought it was Parabuthus transvaalicus.

Man stung by what seems to be Uroplectes olivaceus in Letaba Kruger Park. Still Experiencing intense pain, kidney problems and insomnia. On his way to doctor right now.

Guys, our scorpions are beginning to wake up. If you work in the bush know how to handle a scorpion sting BEFORE it happens not after!" (Posted by Jonathan Leeming on Facebook)

Jonathan is an authority on southern African spiders and scorpions. In 2003 his ground breaking book Scorpions of southern Africa was published by Struik Nature. For the first time, a book on scorpions was available to the general public and soon Jonathan was giving lectures, presentations and courses all over Africa.


Jejane's Goggas

A lovely specimen of an Opistacanthus asper or Yellow legged scorpion. Despite ferocious look they are relatively harmless - seen here held by Glen's daughter Shannon. Forage for food on trees and bushes at night and apparently show a preference for Acacia nigrescens (Knobthorn) because of the texture of its bark and all the dep crevices.

Jejane's Goggas
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