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Security gate

Vienna Archive - Security gate - Vienna formative years

The first security check point on Vienna Game Farm.  The caravan was located at the junction of the N1, the Southern Access route which led only to the Bush camp and the entrance to the farm through Amsterdam (the Joubert property) Access was through a gate in the fence between Amsterdam and Vienna. Lucas, the original security guard was recruited from Hall's in Nelspruit. A real tough character who took his job seriously. Mike Bridgeford had to intervene on one occassion in a skirmish between Lucas (armed with a knobkirrie) and a firearm toting landowner from the Klaserie side who wanted access through Vienna to Klaserie. The landowner (no names no packdrill!!) was determined to shoot off the lock on the gate preventing his entry into Vienna. Note also the fine display of marigolds around the caravan - their ultimate demise upset Lucas.
Vienna Archive - Security gate - Vienna formative years
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